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Snowboarding Like You’ve Never Seen It Before: Welcome to Winter at Action Park

Welcome to Action Park at Mountain Creek, an infamous New Jersey attraction that’s gone down in history as the world’s most extreme water park. It’s a place of countless urban legends, a place where good times were always the only priority. So it makes perfect sense that snowboarders Toby Miller, Red Gerard, and his brother Brendan Gerard wanted to hop the fence in the dead of winter, so that they could design and then build their own frozen version for themselves.

Imagine this: snow-covered waterslides, high dives and lifeguard towers, with no lines or price of admission at all. If people thought the original Action Park was too good to be true before … wait ’til they get a taste of the version these three dreamed up. Winching into custom features, ripping down funnel slides, hucking off cliffs directly into the food court — there’s nothing off limits for the boys in New Jersey.

The original marketing slogan for Action Park, back in its 1980s heyday, was that it was “so fun it should be illegal.” Here in the winter of 2016, Toby, Red and Brendan absolutely agree. Above, you’ll find an interactive map of the world’s first ever “Snowmusement” park, where you can click and drag your way through the lay of the land and then press play to see how the crew got creative to make it their own.

Welcome to Winter in Action Park at Mountain Creek

Snowmusement Squad